Hotel web design and the guest experience

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Hotel web design and the guest experience.

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When does the guest experience begin? This is a concept that has changed over the past few decades. It used to be believed that it started when a customer stepped foot inside of the hotel; when they checked-in. However, the evolution of digital has transformed this notion.

The new norm.

When a guest discovers your name, it is usually through a search engine or an online travel agency, where they are able to compare hotel prices, sift through recommendations or visit your website. Everything they need to know about you is discovered before they even arrive. This is the phase that needs the most improvement, to ensure that the unique in-hotel experience is matched online.

The problem.

So, if the website is the first thing that guests’ see, why is it that so much effort is put into the experience they receive at the hotel and not the online presence? Shouldn’t we try to make the best first impression?

Unfortunately, it is common to treat our websites purely as sales tools. A faintly adapted template that lacks the personalization and uniqueness that is seen and felt onsite. A website full of Call to Actions and constant reminders of the offers that cannot be missed. All this does is send the message that all we care about is your money and not you.

So…how do we create a better first impression?

When we create a website, we should treat it as our voice and essence; to show our guests who we are and convey an atmosphere that reflects what they will experience and feel when they visit. Every design choice should reflect the value of the hotel brand and relate to the customer to create stronger, long-lasting relationships.

See how we did this with our passion project for Hotel Californian where we took all of this into consideration to help transform their image.

Do you have a hotel that needs an online refresh to add value to your brand and customers? Chat with us.

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